Fusion is a national and international Christian youth and community organisation with branches in places from Tasmania to Nigeria. Fusion Sunshine Coast is the local branch here in Queensland based out of the Alcooringa Youth & Community Centre in Buderim. Where at the local branch our focus is on ensuring that the Sunshine Coast has strong youth, because we believe that strong youth equals a bright future. We do this through creating safe and inclusive environments to connect with young people to encourage growth. As a part of this we run programs in high schools, run high energy youth holiday programs, weekly Fusion Youth program, mentoring programs and heaps more.


Welcome to Fusion Sunshine Coast!  We are a group of people who are committed to making a difference for youth on the Sunshine Coast.

To do this we run a variety of innovative programs, from lunchtime programs to the new Streetwork Trailer, each with a distinct purpose.  Our programs and services are aimed at both youth who are troubled and those who are looking for something to do or even want to develop some leadership skills. The majority of our work is run by volunteers who give their time and energy, for the good of others.

If you’d be interested in being involved, either as a youth, volunteer or as a donor, please get in contact with us.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jesse O'Neil

Team Leader, Fusion Sunshine Coast



Jesse grew up in Fusion as a young kid when his parents were both heavily involved and has stayed around ever since. He completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors) in 2004 and is a pharmacist by trade, where he works part time to support his family whilst volunteering for Fusion. He also has a Diploma Youth & Community Work (Christian), Certificate IV Training and Assessment and is a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor.
Jesse is married to Marie and has two young children, Caleb and Levi. In his spare time he loves going to the beach, watching the cricket and spending time with his family.



Laurie is a born and raised local Sunshine Coast girl who became involved in Fusion as a young person and has stayed around ever since. She studied a Certificate IV Youth & Community Work (Christian) with Fusion in 2009 before moving to Sydney and working for Fusion Western Sydney for 2 years. She has since married Ben in 2011 and moved back to the Sunshine Coast. She has completed a Bachelor Arts (Psychology). She is also a certified Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor. She is passionate about social justice issues and caring for others. She is a bit of a photography buff and can be found climbing waterfalls or chasing thunderstorms in her spare time.



Nikky joined Fusion when she was just 18 years old and was our little ray of sunshine. She has six siblings and was home-schooled by two wonderful parents. She has a Diploma of Children’s Services and a Diploma of Youth & Community Work (Christian). She is First Aid & Youth Mental Health First Aid certified. Nikky is also working as a School Chaplain at Chancellor State College and aspires to help young people feel a sense of belonging, worth and purpose. She is passionate about people and has been volunteering in programs since the age of 12. Nikky is a creative soul who enjoys playing music, singing, writing and taking care of her plants. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.



Daniel grew up on the Gold Coast where he was given many opportunities at school to grow as leader. Appointed School Prefect and Sports House Captain in 2003, this foundation led to his success in the Trade Industry in Lamination Composite Marine Construction and further equipped him for his enlistment in the Defence Force where he attended the Royal Military College for Officer training. After medically discharging in 2019, Daniel along with his wife and three children relocated to the Sunshine Coast where he is currently studying his Bachelor of Psychology (Honors) and started volunteering at Fusion. Daniel is passionate about leadership, maintaining that everyone deserves the opportunity to grow and develop because the qualities of a good leader are the same qualities linked to good mental health and a positive and healthy life. In addition to his trade certificate, he has a Certificate IV in fitness and the Defence equivalent of First Aid.




Jen first became involved in Fusion as a volunteer in 2018 and still participates in a number of our youth programs. However, these days, you will find her mostly in the office. She has completed her Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and is First Aid & Youth Mental Health First Aid certified. She is passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion and believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. Jen was born and raised in the country, and to this day, she still has a large variety of pets. In her free time, she loves being outdoors, hiking and listening to music.

Fusion Volunteers

These guys & girls aren’t all that hold up Fusion Sunshine Coast, we have a great team of volunteers that work hard to keep our programs running…

Want to join the team?

There are heaps of ways for you to get involved. Get in touch and let’s find the perfect spot for you.